10 August 2013

Kinder Kitchen Fabulous Food Facts - Bananas

A hand of bananas
The wonders of the simple banana!
Did you know....
  • Do banana’s grow on trees? No they don’t actually. The banana plant is actually a giant herb and the banana itself is a berry as it has seeds

  • There are some 1000 different varieties of bananas throughout the world, most of which you can’t eat due to their taste

  • Some 100 billion bananas are eaten annually in the world

  • A bunch of banana’s formal name is a ‘hand’ and a single one is called a ‘finger’
Bananas are very healthy for you and are a great snack. Eaten alone or added to yoghurt, added to cakes, loafs & cereal or wrapped in foil with chocolate and bbq’d - they are very versatile. 

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