Kinder Kitchen children's cookery parties

Kinder Kitchen parties help children understand the basics of cookery, reveal how fun cooking and baking are, promote creativity and a sense of accomplishment.

I hold a number of different cookery parties for children depending on their age. I come to your house, provide all the ingredients and utensils and even clean up afterwards.

Popular party ideas include:
  • baking cupcakes/muffins (sweet and savoury)
  • baking and decorating biscuits
  • baking and decorating edible jewellery
  • cake decorating
  • cooking savoury dishes i.e. spaghetti bolognaise, hamburgers, fun salads, vegetable tarts, flans
  • baking pizzas with face toppings
  • making ice cream with fruit sauces
Themed parties include:
  • Halloween biscuits, pumpkin decorating, baking pumpkin pies
  • edible Christmas tree decorations
  • Princess parties 
  • Monster parties
In addition, I can arrange the following, all with a cooking theme:
  • party bags
  • birthday cake 
  • pass-the-parcel 
  • chocolate bar party game
  • any party food requirements