Parent Testimonials

June 2013

I would heartily recommend Kinder Kitchen without reservation. Natasha is extremely professional in her approach with parents and full of practical advice and tips. She has a broad depth of knowledge about nutrition and lends a warm and sympathetic ear to any food issues your child may have. Courgette is not a banned word in my house anymore. My 5 yr old loves her cooking classes and has learnt new skills and a real 'I can do attitude'.
Ellie, N12
July 2013

Flynn loved cooking with you at Kinder Kitchen. Thank you for getting him interested in food again. He now asks to help with the cooking at home and isn't afraid of trying new foods. A breakthrough!
Flynn's mum, N11 
September 2013
My son had always been a fussy eating in regards to fruit and veg. I approached Kinder Kitchen to discuss how they could support my son in developing his eating habits and enjoyment for eating different foods. He attended the cooking club over a 12 week period. Every Monday he would come home bursting with excitement, wanting to tell me about what foods he had tried, enjoyed and cooked. Since finishing the cooking club I have noticed a great improvement and he now eats more fruits and vegetables, but the great difference I have seen is he will to try almost anything!
Kinder Kitchen has not only helped changed my sons opinion about food, but also developed his passion to cook. I would like to thank Kinder Kitchen for all the work they did with my son.

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