Kinder Kitchen - A biography

Kinder Kitchen's ethos is simple – to get children interested in food as early on as possible.
A Biography
2008 Founded Kitchen Kitchen and established Kinder Kitchen Recipes Blog
Kinder Kitchen started with a blog. I write all my own recipes, take kid’s and family favourite’s and adapt them following a simple approach. They are not only easy, quick and healthy, they are delicious too. All the ingredients are affordable and readily available. I use my recipes in all my classes and workshops in order to reskill the next generation in the kitchen.
 In Schools (2008 – present)
Lunch and Afterschool Cooking Clubs (ages 4-7)
These small classes allow children to cook and eat a variety of healthy dishes. The children learn the basics of food preparation, use a variety of utensils, taste new foods and have fun being in a kitchen environment
Parent workshops
Kinder Kitchen workshops for parents are informal sessions where parents and carers receive practical advice on all issues surrounding children and eating. Held privately and in schools we cover fussy eating, healthy eating, healthy lunch boxes, cooking on a budget and overcoming food phobias
Classroom workshops (ages 3-11)
Integrating theory with practice, children learn what it means to eat healthily and where food comes from whilst learning basic cookery skills and making tasty, healthy food cooked from scratch
Privately held (2008 – present)
Private cookery classes (ages 3 upwards)

Following the same format of the school healthy eating lunch and afterschool classes, I also hold biscuit and cake decorating classes and vegetarian classes

1:1 food consultancy (ages 3 upwards)
Learning the craft of homemade burgers
In a nurturing and encouraging environment, I work with children who are extreme fussy eaters, show signs of extreme food phobias and are generally uncomfortable around food. We cook food together using a variety of cooking techniques, utensils and foods. Taking the attention away from the child, we prepare easy and healthy dishes for the parents, only encouraging the child to try foods when they are ready to


Youth club workshops (ages 7-13)
Juicing bonanza
I cook with children from deprived backgrounds, teaching them easy and healthy recipes and opening their taste buds up to the world of tasty food. The children learn valuable cooking skills helping them to gain confidence in the kitchen
I truly believe every child should be able to prepare simple food and understand where our food comes from. I teach children of all ages how to prepare simple, healthy and tasty dishes. My relaxed, hands-on cooking sessions are fun and full of delicious food ideas and recipes for the whole family. 

Natasha Walter
Founder, Kinder Kitchen Recipes