19 July 2013

Overcoming fussy eaters - adding in hidden goodies

Over the coming weeks I will be posting more tips on how to work with fussy eaters in your family. I use all these techniques in my classes and consultations. They really do work in the long term. Your children will not change their ways over night but with a little coercion and care their taste buds will develop over time and they will be more confident around different foods.
my daughter enjoying homemade mixed
berry sorbet with reduced sugar
Hidden goodies
One of the keys of overcoming fussy eaters is to get them to try as many different tastes as possible. Many people disagree with hiding certain foods in meals but where there's extreme fussiness it can be beneficial. Try and add some goodies into everything you cook because by making your meals healthier makes them tastier and this will benefit the whole family in the long run.

Here are some examples:
  •  If you are baking a chocolate cake or muffins, grate some courgette or fresh beetroot into it. Also, by adding half the amount of sugar stated in a cake recipe will not alter the taste that much - children will definitely not realise the difference.
  • Add a red pepper to a homemade tomato sauce
  • Add some grated apple to basic pancake batter
  • Add some grated apple and carrot to homemade hamburgers
  • Add a handful of lentils and finely chopped mushrooms to a basic homemade bolognaise sauce
The food will taste slightly different but not noticeably so, so your children's taste buds will get used to new flavours and textures and as a parent/carer you will be happier as they are getting some hidden nutrients.

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