23 August 2011

Healthy kids recipes - banana and honey toast

Healthy kids recipes - banana and honey toast

Both my children refused to eat what I served them last night. Well, my four year old said yuck and my younger one followed suit - great! Not having been shopping for a couple of days and not wanting them to go to bed on an empty stomach, I improvised. I don't usually give in to their fussy eating food whims as this is a recipe for disaster, but I had had a busy day and was exhausted and thought one night won't hurt. I ended up eating some with them.

Banana and honey toast

2 pieces of toast
1 ripe banana
Some runny honey


1. Toast the bread
2. Spread a thick layer of the ripe banana over the toast like butter
3. Spread a layer of honey over the banana

Delicious and it reminded me of my years at Uni ;-)

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