5 August 2011

Kinder Kitchen weaning help

I really enjoyed weaning my first child although I know a lot of my friends found it stressful - partly because they did not know where to start or enjoy cooking for themselves let alone the responsibility of weaning their baby onto solids.

There is so much in the press about a healthy lifestyle. 5-a-day, we must eat green vegetables, no salt, etc etc. Our mothers and fathers brought us up very differently and I know I was given what my parents were having although it was blended up into a puree. Sometimes I feel that because of all the so called 'good' advice we are losing our instincts as parents and fear that we may do something wrong - when 99.9 times of 100 we are not. When my second child came along I did not have the time to cook separately for him all the time so he did get a lot of what we were eating - he is a healthy toddler who enjoys his food although I do need to hide the odd veg or two!

A great way of your little baby getting its nutrients is to mix baby rice or baby pasta with vegetable stock (from 6 month or earlier if you wish) or chicken stock (recommended from 7 months). I made one stock a week, kept some of it in the fridge and stored the rest in the freezer in small pots that I could take out when needed. On the issue of steaming, I believe that if you are cooking some fresh vegetables for your baby/child that is good enough and not to worry too much about steaming them.

Cooking for your children should not be stressful and if you need any advice or help with any aspects of weaning I am here to help so please get in touch.

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