1 June 2009

Today's Kinder Kitchen cooking tip - adding foods to cereals

Breakfast cereals are a great source of vitamins. Most have been fortified with the most commonly needed vitamins - calcium, vitamin A and D, iron etc. Porridge is one of the healthiest cereals to give your children.

- Cook small pieces of apple in the porridge
- Add half or a full mashed banana once the porridge is cooked

Because I do not eat diary products I cook my porridge with water. This takes a little getting used to especially if you are used to cooking porridge with full fat milk but it can be a much healthier alternative. However, do not substitute water for milk when your baby is too young as it will need all the milk it can get early on. On the other hand, should your child be lactose intolerant this is a great breakfast. A less healthier and sweeter alternative is eating cereals with fruit juice which is not advisable for young babies and toddlers due to tooth decay, but nevertheless an option.

Adding any seasonal fruit to breakfast cereals is a great way of your child having a healthier start in the morning. Currently strawberries are in season and hence they are not too expensive. By adding a couple of strawberries cut into quarters, blueberries, raspberries or clementine segments will add flavour to any breakfast. It will also not make it so boring. Varying the cereal from day to day is also a good idea in order to keep our little one's interested.

N.B. When choosing breakfast cereals try and go for the wholegrain option wherever possible and also try to find ones that have not had too much sugar or salt added to them.

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