24 June 2009

Kinder Kitchen cooking tip - the joys of a juicer!

As you may have read, my daughter has become one fussy terrible two. Her terrible two's kicked in early (at around 18 months) and with them came a number of other issues. I fished out my juicer that I hadn't used in years and decided to try her on some freshly made juices using a mixture of vegetables and fruit. A break through. She now gets a good number of vitamins without knowing what she is actually drinking.


1 electric juicer
1 stick of celery (can be increased once they are used to the taste)
2 medium carrots
3 apples (you can add more if you need to disguise the taste a little more)


  1. Wash, peel and core the fruit and vegetables. (you do not even need to peel them if you don't want to but just give them a really good wash beforehand) 
  2. Add to the juicer and serve with a straw!

It is as easy as that. Cleaning the juicer is the hardest part.

More recipes to follow..........

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