15 May 2009

Today's nutritious recipe from Kinder Kitchen - Apple and prune puree

Apple and prune puree (from 6 months)

4 apples
6 dried prunes
½ teaspoon of cinnamon
A little water

1. Wash and peel the apples, remove the core and cut into small chunks
2. Place the apples, prunes, cinnamon and enough water so that the fruit is sitting in about half an inch of water into a saucepan and place it’s lid on
3. Cook the fruit in a low heat for 10 minutes
4. Once cooked puree with a hand blender and leave to cool

For babies at the weaning stage this is great on it’s own. I find this a great cure for constipation in older children. Spoon over vanilla ice cream or add to plain yoghurt or serve with pancakes.

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