10 March 2009

Kinder Kitchen cooking tip - steaming vegetables

When cooking vegetables steaming is the best method to retain the nutrients. You can buy steamers that rest on the bottom of the saucepan. A cheaper way is using a sieve or a colander. Always remember to place the lid on the saucepan otherwise it will take forever to cook your veg. Although this is the best method for retaining nutrients boiling vegetables in little water is also fine. The fact that you are cooking them fresh is the most important thing. Don't beat yourself up for not steaming.


Vanessa said...

Hi. I agree.I meet so many mums who worry about not steaming their vegetables when the best thing you can do for your children is cook for them rather than giving them jarred meals. I sometimes use frozen vegetables..are they as healthy?

Natasha said...

Where possible I would always use fresh vegetables. Although recent reports suggest that if you freeze a vegetable straight away once picked it does not loose any of its goodness, I do not agree. Frozen peas and sweetcorn however I think are fine. Although due to our hectic schedules we often lack the time there is still n doubt in my mind that fresh is best.

rachael_martin said...

Whether they're steamed boiled frozen or fresh, at least we're giving our kids veg. Just think of all those poor things who are brought up on quavers... (and weaned, believe it or not)