28 February 2009

Kinder Kitchen cooking tip - tinned tomatoes

Although I do not agree with spending over the odds when buying food (especially if it is going to end up on the floor), there are some food items that you should spend a little more money on and one of these is tinned tomatoes. If you buy the cheapest range they tend to be very watery and lack flavour. It is also better to buy whole plum tomatoes rather than chopped as the tomatoes will have retained more of their flavour and goodness. Tomato sauces will taste so much more delicious.


rachael_martin said...

I agree totally. A lot of tinned tomatoes don't taste anything like tomatoes! I make up loads of basic tomato sauce and freeze in one person portions, defrost (or prise out of the container and cook from frozen at the last minute usually), then just drizzle good quality extra virgin olive oil over that mixed with the pasta at the end, vegetables, ricotta or other cheese, ham, tinned tuna.

Natasha said...

any recipe using tofu - i will send you a couple - also anything that can be easily blended - chicken in cream or tomato sauces...babies love sauces .. i will post some to you