2 October 2013

Kinder Kitchen Top Tips on shopping smart continued.....

Well, my classes are back in full swing and yesterday afternoon I made sweet scones with 8 flour drenched children. Apologies to the parents - it's only Wednesday and their children's uniforms already needed to be fully laundered but at least you didn't have the mess in your kitchens! We served the scones with hand whipped double cream and strawberry jam. They were a hit and apart from the ones set aside for their parents, the children devoured the rest within minutes.

Following on from my previous post, here are a couple more tips on how to shave money from your shopping bill.  I follow many of these and have really noticed a difference in my monthly outgoings:

6. Collect and use any vouchers, coupons or discount cards available. Facebook and other social media sites have now started advertising these so keep your eyes peeled and remember to carry them with you when you go shopping.

7. Buy seasonal produce. Seasonal produce tends to be cheaper as supply is high. For example root vegetables and apples are abundant and therefore cheaper than other times of the year. Always purchase berries over the summer months, unless they are frozen, as they can be costly in autumn and winter months. An added bonus of buying seasonal produce is that they generally taste much better too.

8. Locate the reduced section in the supermarket. Every supermarket, whether low or high end, will need to get rid of perishable stock nearing it's sell-by-date. Get to know your local supermarket. For example, my one sells a lot of meat at reduced prices on a Monday morning. I take it home and freeze it straight away. I have saved a lot of money over the years by purchasing fresh food that has been reduced.

9. Websites such as mysupermarket.com will help you locate special deals and the best prices. If it is something specific you want these websites can be a gem - it may mean driving an extra couple of miles to a different supermarket but give it a go.


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