24 September 2013

Kinder Kitchen Top Tip - mealtime scheduling

Before having children, my life outside work was 'unscheduled.' I liked a certain routine during the week but weekends were very laissez-faire. I'd get up when I wanted, eat when I was hungry and stay up until the early hours. After the birth of my first child, I realised that I had to become very disciplined and my weekdays as well as my weekends began to follow my child's schedule. My eldest definitely thrives on routine although some children don't need it as much.

Now my children are a little older, weekends again are a little less routinized. However - one schedule that needs to be adhered to in my house is mealtime. Mood swings and general grouchiness start to invade the airwaves. I've often noticed on play dates, that once the children have been fed all arguments and snatching-of-toys dissipates as soon as tummies are full.

We all have different routines and ways of bringing up our children but when it comes to food, I really do believe that feeding your children at a regular time each day and not going too long inbetween meals and/or snacks does make for an easier life.

Below is my routine which really does work. I am not saying that you follow my times, but just stick to regular times that fit in with your family.

My mealtime schedule is:

Breakfast @ 07.30-08.00
Morning snack @ 10.30
Lunch @ 12.30 - 13.00
Afternoon snack @ 15.30
Dinner @ 17.30 - 18.00

It can be quite hard to stick to a schedule, and believe me it has taken me some time to get used to it but do give it a go if you can. You may just notice a real difference!


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