21 September 2011

Kinder Kitchen packed lunch ideas - potato salad

I overheard a couple of mums at the school gate discussing ideas for packed lunches, so I thought that I would post a couple more ideas up as also requested by a couple of friends.

My two haven't yet mastered potato salad but varying it and adding things your children like it could be a winner, and healthy too! It can also be a meal-in-1 by adding protein and vegetables.

Packed lunch potato salad

  1. Wash and then boil baby, new or salad potatoes in boiling water until soft (for extra nutrition you can keep their skins on)
  2. Allow to cool and then cut into small child bite size pieces
  3. For a simple version of this salad add some mayonnaise, finely chopped red onion (optional) and thinly sliced fresh mint
Further suggestions:
  1. Mayonnaise with sliced bacon and green peas
  2. Salad cream, chives and sweetcorn
  3. Natural yoghurt mixed with mayonnaise (healthier option), finely chopped chicken breast and cucumber

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