5 March 2009

Today's nutritious recipe from Kinder Kitchen - cheesy omelette with mushroom

Babies and toddlers love eggs. Omelette's are a fantastic source of protein and anything else you add to the eggs. It was all my daughter ate over Christmas when she had the flu.

Cheesy Omelette with mushroom


1 egg beaten
A splash of milk
3 small mushrooms finely sliced
2 tablespoons grated cheese
A little butter
Black pepper (you may not want to add pepper to your child's food until they are a little older although I added it to meals when my daughter was about 8 months)

Preparation and cooking:

Heat the butter in a saucepan and fry the mushroom on a low heat for 5 minutes
Add the beaten egg, a little black pepper and mix in well with the mushroom
Now let the omelette set and add some grated cheese to the top
Fold the omelette in half and cook for further 2 minutes.

Serve once cooled. Do not worry if the omelette turns into scrambled egg. It is the taste that counts. Over time you will perfect the omelette.

You can replace the mushrooms with tomatoes, onions, peppers - basically anything your child likes - just remember they need cooking first before you add the egg.

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