16 March 2009

Today's nutritious Kinder Kitchen recipe - apple pancakes

Apple pancakes
1 egg
3 heaped tbsp. of plain flour
1 mug of milk
A little butter
1 apple, quartered and thinly sliced
  1. Whisk the egg, flour and milk into a smooth consistency
  2. Heat the pan until hot and add the butter
  3. Add enough of the pancake mixture to cover the bottom of the frying pan
  4. Add the sliced apple on top
  5. When browned turn and brown the other side. Serve straight away.
 Serve once cooled. To make the pancakes a little sweeter for a treat you could add a drizzle of honey over it (honey though should only be given to babies 1 year and above)
Kinder Kitchen Tip:
Instead of adding the apple to the pancake in the frying pan, if you have some apple or pear puree left over you could add it to the middle of a plain pancake and roll it together.

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